We have a proven track record of providing technology platforms to wealth managers, Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s), Stock Brokers, Banks and Stock exchangesto create operational efficiency and a superior digital investing experience for advisors and clients.
Investors expect 24/7 access to their portfolio, along with personalized advice.
We help automate onboarding, servicing, research, marketing andcompliance so advisors can focus on adding value.
Our customer support team can help you with initial AUM reconciliation at onboarding and we have regular scheduled training sessions to help use the platform effectively. We also have a compilation of YouTube videos to help understand use of each feature.
Together we can:
  • Grow assets from current clients and attract new clients, with a modern investing experience.
  • Extend your wealth management business reach to serve small but growing accounts — with reduced costs and complexity.
  • Enable you and your staff to focus on what you do best — help clients stay on track with goals, offer investment expertise, and foster strong relationships.

Why Vijya Iprism?

We have the flexibility of a FinTech firm, while benefiting from our promotersexperience of 25+ years and proven commitment.

That supports our long-term success and ability to scale in order to serve wealth managers, Stock Brokers, Banks Mutual Funds and Stock exchange.

Our technology platform provides tools to ensure each and every client of yours is dealt appropriately.

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